Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hey people! Thank the gods final exam week is done and i have a 3 day weekend!;) Next week i have a a very busy week so i will be sleeping till 2:00 o'clock. HEHE! But i am really excited because i have so much to be excited and happy about.Well i am going to orginize my bookshelf i am sooooooo happy and i will be going to the super bowl party yyyaaaaaaayyyy.Ok byyyyyyeeeee.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Update excitment!

   Hey guys i am sorry that i have not posted in a while i have been really busy. I am know in 7th grade a its hard but i have all A's but two B's. And i am proud to announce my grandma in indiana is now clear of cancer, it has been a long journy with this battle. But other than that i am great and it is coming towards the end of the semester and the marking period.My viola is doing okay and i am ok as well. Also i am soooooooooo excited my reading nook is back in the corner in my room, my easel is up and my reading chair and all my books are perfect. And yesterday i went to the michals and i got a HUGE sketch book and a 7 piece canvas set all for 25 doaller gift card. So yeah thats my life right now oh and i am soooo excited for the super bowl party eeeee. Goodbye.